It’s King James VI (I of England) and he’s here to try not to die

Chapter 0 – Page 9

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If we have another King James (such as,_Viscount_Severn could be a possibility, but monarchs don’t have to take their first names), as there’s already been King James I & VI and King James II & VII (the grandson of King James, he took the throne after his brother Charles II (restored monarch to the… Continue reading Chapter 0 – Page 9

Chapter 1 – Page 7

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King James IV at this point wasn’t really enamoured with his wife (who he had a few kids with), nor his mistress (who he broke up with a few years ago), but instead a male lover (he had three main male partners through his life). So it’s not really that he thinks of infidelity, but… Continue reading Chapter 1 – Page 7