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Chapter 2 – Page 19

Chapter 2 – Page 19 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 – Page 19

Tester beds are pretty cool.

Also I am not drawing a pattern on those sheets pretend there’s one there.

Also no pillow for him rn just the weird barrel-pillow

Also he didn’t pack his nightshirt what with him having to buy extra nightshirts, he’s gonna have to go to the tailor to get more shirts. W/e though he can afford extra clothes.

Watermen are the ferries for when you don’t want to go to the only bridge in London. It took literally an hour to cross London Bridge. Why the hell would you want to go on that if you can avoid it?

Chapter 2 – Page 15

Chapter 2 – Page 15 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 – Page 15

I can’t not include Shakespearean swears. They’re more relevant than the modern translation here, which would be “you McDonalds-eating commoners”. He knows Catesby has money troubles and the plan won’t work if he can’t find a place near or next to where the King will be.

Baboon is also shakespearean and from the same character (Falstaff). It’s used in pretty much the same modern way.

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