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The church fines are called recusancy and it was differing amounts to where you are in society, so like it bankrupted a lot of Catholics. They’re available for view if you go to Kew Gardens and ask beforehand and have a good reason and you’re supervised.

Can’t wait until they’re digitised instead.


Image: Queen Elizabeth the First has a large ruff full of Christian crosses


Then Elizabeth became Queen

She wanted to be a moderate Protestant ruler, and her first 12 years were bloodless but throughout her reign, especially during the threat of invasion by Mary’s Philip and his Spanish Armada, she created a repressive atmosphere.

✝ Catholic church services forbidden
✝ Teachers must be licensed Angelicans
✝ You can’t criticise the Church of England
✝ No importing Catholic artefacts
✝ Acting or speaking on the Pope’s orders, or in his name, carried the death penalty
✝ If you don’t go to Church on Sunday you’ll be given a massive fine
✝ Only specific Anglican books can be used, and no criticising them
✝ You can’t convert anyone away from being Anglican
✝ Going abroad to be trained as a Catholic Priest has the death penalty

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