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At very least a cousin executed, probably more. Generally if you kill people’s family, even cousins in extended families, that’s likely to make people more radical, not less.

Also if you want some fun look up the rest of the Throckmortons

also haha


Image: A family tree – An Elizabethan courtier called Sir Robert Throckmorton with a symbol meaning Catholic next to him, he is the father of the mother of Catesby. On the other side of the image is a Tudor man called William Catesby, who is a male ancestor of Catesby’s Father, who is drawn in a cage with an arrow pointing to him saying “Also William Catesby”. His parents have a Catholic symbol between them.

Robert was a descent of a courtier on his mother’s side (Throckmorton) and on his father’s side, an influential advisor to Richard III

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