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Chapter 2 – Page 20

Chapter 2 – Page 20 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 – Page 20

Heyy I’m back

Lots of wherrymen/watermen on the thames, with their wherries (post victorian skiffs) in King Henry’s time there were so many fighting etc that they had to regulate the wherrymen on the Thames. By the time of the Gunpowder Treason Plot you had to do a 7 year apprenticeship to learn all of the inns and outs of the Thames.


Catesby and Percy are on the Thames being rowed across in a shallow boat by a boatman.
Percy – My thighs are beat. I feel old.
Catesby – You’re only what – 40?
Percy – 44, you sprightly youth
Catesby – I’m 31
Percy – Zounds, why you should be my Grandfather

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